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November 17, 2020 0 Comments

Most of our players are really good at the basics – and that’s ok, because we never think about getting them to play more advanced moves too quickly. This is the great advantage of playing only for fun. If I learn a new musical scale, for example, I would think about the scales I already know very well and try to fit them into new rhythms, or even try to play them by ear, until I get them to sound right. After having played a few hours, I’d ask myself: what’s the most I can express with these scales?

Why play by ear?

Why not just learn by ear when playing a scale that’s too difficult for your fingers? Well, it’s pretty easy to do it – we all do it. When playing music for fun, it’s easy to just follow along. This allows you to play fast, because you know exactly what you can say and what you can’t.

If you want to learn more advanced scales from scratch, you have to start the process of practice. For each scale you hear, you have to make notes with your left hand. That requires a lot more practice; it’s a really intensive process of making mental notes and using your fingers. And that’s before any scale you hear becomes too difficult for your fingers and you have to figure out exactly what it means and how to make different notes. If you don’t learn what “fretless” means in the notation, and how to make those kinds of notes, it’s really hard to learn the new scale. Playing on top of an easy scale with no practice will make that second scale impossible to play easily. So the best thing you can do at that point is to make a new scale, starting in a new section and then playing only for fun, until, at long last, you are confident and you know how to play that one sound without any problems. This is the reason why we play by ear. After all, you don’t want to learn this scale by ear just like you don’t want to play that scale by ear by following it like a book. It’s better to be able to do it by yourself with a small amount of practice, and then be able to master that scale before you have to begin practice on another scale.

When we first learn scales, we’re all playing in groups of eight or more people. You don’t have to stick with the groups – you can make a solo scale and do individual soloing, making it easy

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