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Absolutely, and your parents will be so impressed you can’t afford to miss out on something you need to keep busy!

I want to learn the piano while I live in an area where only those with access to private lessons can use them. Can I do this? We suggest finding the best private lessons for your area. You will be able to make arrangements between yourself and the instructor to take lessons together. We do not have a list of our private piano teachers.

I want to learn piano while doing research for a dissertation. Do I really still have to learn the piano when I do the dissertation research? Sure! Your dissertation can be used as an online course in which you can complete your dissertation in under 36 hours, while being able to maintain a connection to the keyboard and learn the music and the instrument you now need to play it. However, if your dissertation does not relate to your music education in any way, you can simply take your dissertation without learning the piano!

A few days ago, the government’s plan to give 50 million Indians access to a digital payment card via the telecom regulator has been approved by the government. Under the scheme, Indian citizens will be able to spend a sum of Rs 100 on their Aadhaar, the biometric identity based app that offers a range of benefits and access to government services in Indian. The government has extended the deadline of July 31, 2016 and has also made an exemption for businesses that want to apply for an ID through a digital payment platform.

The digital payment card project came to light as the government is planning to offer a universal digital payment card (UCP) to the citizens. “There will be no restriction on how much anyone can spend on the card. It will be based on the Aadhaar number,” RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan had said in April this year.
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The government plans to roll out the Aadhaar card with the assistance of global financial institutions starting from Rs 50 and eventually increasing to Rs 10,000. India needs about 50 million people to have Aadhaar, the government estimates, citing the National Sample Survey Office estimates from 2011. It wants to roll out the Aadhaar card by the end of 2016.

On the digital payment card programme, Rajan had said he hopes, “By next year, I would have a card that a person like me who can’t afford to make big expenditures (on cards) can get on the Internet”.

The digital payment card will be based on the Aadhaar application, which is being implemented globally as a

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