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When buying piano books and lessons, it’s possible to find online piano tutorials, and other ways to train with music. You might like to read about an app that teaches piano music with your own hands, or start practicing it in fun songs. Or maybe you want to get a piano teacher in your area.

I know I am not the best of designers. I get so much bad feedback about my designs. I don’t have the time. Also, it would be a pain to read the comments and share them with the community.

My job is to make someone’s experience awesome.

If that means sharing my hard work with the folks across the pond who would appreciate it, that’s all that matters to me.

(MUSCAT) — In an unexpected move, a South Korean lawmaker recently introduced a bill that would prevent the US military from using any of its bases in Korea during its “Operation Inherent Resolve” military campaign in the South China Sea.

Seoul’s National Assembly Member of Parliament, Oh Jung-yoon, asked the Ministry of National Defense this week whether it would take concrete actions to curb US military operations in South Korea.

According the the resolution, the US military is prohibited from using any of its bases in South Korea for operational activities during the “War on Terror” in the South China Sea.

The military would also be prohibited from using its military and civilian facilities in South Korea for the use of the US military during “Operation Inherent Resolve”.
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Seoul’s national security council recently announced that it would continue to take “concrete steps” to stop “aggression, terrorism” and “piracy” against South Korean ships and naval vessels.

“South Korea is an integral part of the US alliance system and will be maintained with the US alliance,” the Seoul’s national security council said in a separate statement.

“All sides should stick to the agreement and do not violate each other’s security interests,” it added.

In response to Oh’s move, Seoul’s military issued a statement on Monday. It said that its military would abide by the resolution and that it would continue to take “concrete actions to prevent aggression, terrorism and piracy”.

US officials have been accused by some critics of providing weapons and military training to the so-called “boat people”, who have been accused of setting up a “pirate army” in the South China Sea islands.

The first of several public forums organized by

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