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September 22, 2020 0 Comments

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s new Title IX office wants students to know that women’s health is at stake.

The department, led by Title IX coordinator Carissa McCauley, will publish guidance and a guide for students starting on March 12 to prepare for campus hearings to file discrimination claims. “If you are going to be at our office and you have a concern, our office is here to support you,” wrote McCauley, citing a 2014 study that found over 1 in 3 women on college campuses experience sexual assault or harassment.

McCauley says an ongoing Title IX crackdown has prevented the department from putting the resources available into “the very core of our mission.” One section of McCauley’s new guidance will be devoted to sexual assault and harassment-specific training sessions for each campus. The guide will also cover the “procedurous process” students and parents can undergo in filing their claim.

The guide will help colleges know what Title IX requires them to do, such as responding to student reports about sexual harassment directly through the office or through a Title IX coordinator. It’s a step in the right direction, says Danielle Dirks, director of education policy at the Center for American Progress. “Some students are very skeptical of the Title IX office and about the resources available to them,” Dirks says. “Some are afraid. But if people are in a situation where they have some doubt, that they would get some kind of assistance, that’s exactly why it’s important that they have the information that they need to get that started.”

But Dirks also says that too many women do not know they can turn to the Title IX office for help. She says many school officials don’t know of the resources available and often don’t recognize a Title IX complaint until years after it has been filed. Dirks says that’s too onerous, especially since “many women are already dealing with traumatic events and trauma themselves,” so “giving them more knowledge about how to handle it when they do see it is not only incredibly important, but is also important on a practical level.”
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The office is also working to find new ways to use social media to support students who might not have the resources—for instance, providing a new app to “make sure students know what their rights are as they look for resources.”

Dirks agrees, saying, “It seems the administration has decided that these are not resources that need increasing, and I think their strategy for many years now has been ‘keep

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