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September 13, 2020 0 Comments

Most people think that studying piano in a teacher- or piano-like situation is good because it helps you become very good at the piano (or at least better than you are with your hands). However, this often doesn’t translate to the kind of progress you need to make in order to play consistently and naturally. For this reason, we have developed “Pianist Classes” to help you prepare for your next lesson more effectively—for free. Whether you have a teacher at your place of work or you are working on your own, your lessons at the Pianoist Classes are free, or you can take a one-time purchase of a one-year membership. Click here to learn more…

Which Music App Do I Use? Whether you like to listen to your music on an audiobook, a small digital device, or a tablet, you are going to need an app that matches your preferences. In addition to using any of the apps available that can do music and music research, we also have a music player that features a dedicated function for using music. Click here to learn more…

If I’m playing piano and I find a tune I want to learn and I only have time to play it once, how can I get that tune for free if I don’t know the original composer? In order to get a piece of music for free, you need to go through the process of trying to find that tune, finding out the history of the tune and making sure the composer isn’t known. For a free piece of music to appear in a song, you’ll need to find a producer that has found the tune. It’s up to them to decide if you’re allowed to play it, or the musician who recorded it. In both cases, you’ll need to contact the producer through the iTunes or Apple Music websites. If you have both an iTunes and Apple Music account, you can create an account for both and log in to either or both of these accounts to find a tune. In the case of an iTunes account, you can click on the Account link on the bottom right corner (if it doesn’t say “Music App”) to view the online collection of the last 250,000 songs. On the Apple Music account page, click on the “Artists” tab to locate the artists, and scroll down the left hand side to the songs you want.

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