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Moralising for the most part, but the key is to take a little time to enjoy each part of your lesson, and then let yourself go to work (in that case you won’t forget to ask them for advice!).

What if I’m in a rush to write a song but don’t know how to improvise? Can I play that part in my head?

The reason you’re usually in a rush to compose is that you’re not a great improviser. In other words, we all like our songs to be as short as possible. Even a good song won’t necessarily be shorter when it’s written by someone who knows their way around the keyboard. Don’t get me wrong – there is still a good reason to put in as many hours as possible, but don’t feel that you have to go crazy to create a great piece of music.

What is the sound of music that I’m trying to create?

What I’m actually trying to accomplish is to hear how it would sound on actual instruments. I want to create a melody that I can play, and then add sounds, harmonies and rhythm to it.

Should I keep the melody I’ve been playing or add to it?

If the melody has a strong rhythm it will be easier to play, regardless of whether you keep it or not. When doing a melody composition, if it’s written as a melody first then it will be easier to play.

If I find my lyrics and melodies to be weak, then can I still sing the words?

If you’re writing a song you should take the time to learn the most important words of each section of lyrics, otherwise then you won’t actually hear these words in your composition. If you’re a vocalist and trying to create music, just memorize them as much as possible – make them easier to sing when you try to sing them. Of course, if your lyrics have the power to sing, then you need to memorize them more often!

How do I start writing lyrics?

For any song you should write the lyrics first, as they are the keys to understanding the song. If you still don’t follow this instruction, then don’t expect to have the song written at all. It’s the only way to make sense of what you’ve written, and to truly feel it.

What makes it sound good?

The key is that we try to write music that’s easy on the ear,

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