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There are several ways to answer this question, and the answers can differ. In the following section, we will analyze why the piano teacher takes a long time.

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The answer to this question is a good deal of discussion among piano teachers themselves, but this depends greatly on the teacher himself. The piano teacher knows that the learning process itself can be incredibly frustrating on a personal level, but he must also believe that there are better ways to learn the piano. This is why most piano teachers in the industry have a clear idea of how long it takes for a pupil to acquire a certain skill level and begin to learn to play the piano.

However, there is no definite answer to this question. At the present time, most studies of teacher learning time use the following criteria to compare different teachers:

Method of instruction, which is usually a set of activities conducted by a teacher over a period of time;

The age of the student to be taught (usually 30 vs. 30 to 60), and when the school takes the student in;

The amount of time the teacher has to spend per pupil, so the amount he spends in a given day can be compared to the amount a teacher spends in his entire workday;

Time allocation that occurs between lessons.

These criteria have been used to compare different types of teaching in the past, but it is no longer possible to analyze these in a scientific way since it is impossible to obtain full statistics on a given day. Therefore, instead of including these criteria in a study, we are going to present the findings of a couple of different studies in this article. We are going to compare what can be said about the amount of time spent on specific teachers in different countries; to compare the teaching methods used in schools; and to compare the teaching methods used in music schools.

Studying the learning methods of teachers

Studying the teacher work is a relatively recent trend. A few years ago, students could study teacher-student interaction, learning techniques and how teachers teach. Today, it seems almost impossible to find a teaching-learning journal that does not include some information about how an educator spends his training time and is not limited to one single subject.

We have already mentioned that it is impossible to obtain complete statistics for teacher time, and not all information will be comparable in every study. Because of this, we decided to examine how the teachers in different countries spend their teaching time and how different types of teaching styles affect this. We will be using these

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