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From our experience in our coaching program for more than 30 years, as well as our clients, we can say with certainty that the minimum amount of hours for most people to practice the piano is 3 hours every day. Some people need more or less than this. One of our clients learned his first piano lesson by piano. He was 6 years old then and only had a piano for 4 months.

If he were allowed to practice at home every night and do not have others at his place, would our client be able to learn enough to play an instrument? Yes. However, we would not recommend having your child practice every night and then live with your child because that would simply cause your child to have a less healthy lifestyle.

This is another example where you should take a small amount of time to practice on your own with someone else who does not have your child, or only if you personally believe that your child may find that activity unpleasantly repetitive.

When I was teaching students in our jazz program, one of my students told me that he was happy with what he could do with his time, but that he hated going to music classes. Why? He could spend as much as he wanted in his off-time on guitar. He is now playing jazz guitar, but his guitar practice routine includes nothing else. He can just focus on music, and if this is where he truly feels that he is at his best… well, it’s not what he wants to do with his time. I said to him that his time should be used to build the skills he can use to move closer to the piano. Then, he learned that he could use it to practice the piano – which he did! As he moved further and further away from the piano, we started to teach him to play the piano solo in the band.

You should spend time on the piano, just not much time. You can spend any amount of time you want in your off-time, however, it isn’t necessarily right to spend your time on things you are not at your best.

Do you spend too much time on the piano, or not enough? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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