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My teacher says it’s like going to the movies. They show you the characters you like, and then you show people who are similar, and they’re also like, “Okay, what’s the first movie you saw? I don’t know.”

So every day in class you take a new class, and you go back.

This is not one. I go with five students in a period of two months. This is not some long-term project. This is a part of everyday life. This is a part of the way I move. This is a part of my existence.

It may sound crazy, but if you work on that piano, it goes away. This is where the work comes from. What keeps it going?

We do something called playing practice, which is really just playing and rehearsing. This is my practice time. All I have to do is go to the library and get a book, and I’ll go through that song one more time. The second time I play something you’ll say, “Oh, this is new. What if we make this part a half a second longer? This could be so much better. Can you maybe work on that?”

Or I can work on something, maybe a melody. So in two months, I haven’t been working on a specific song, but I’ve worked on a lot of specific melodies that I would use that week.

How much time you spend in the studio?

This is a very important part of my practice time. I don’t think about the studio when I practice. I’m just doing what I do. The only time I have to have any thought about the studio is when someone calls that I want something done, or I have a question. I’m just doing the thing I’m doing.

It could be doing some writing. You can write for a living if you want to. The problem is that sometimes when you’re writing, some melodies might not work but other parts might. So I don’t spend as much time playing when I’m having a conversation.

What types of things should you do over and over?

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I have to pick a song, or I’ll play a part, and I’ll have to choose another part, and then I’ll have to pick something else. It’s like a game. It’s like playing guitar until you get your chords right, or you’re not sure what chords are.

You have to pick

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