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The number of years that each player will need to spend learning a musical instrument and their potential career in violin making is probably the most important factor in this decision. Each violin maker has their own method of learning. For example, the German violin makers, the Gevaert Brothers, spend years learning their instrument, and have an “Auflauf” or master class of the instrument prior to the beginning of learning. The German violin maker “W. H. Gevaert” has been performing well for over 100 years. The “Gevaert Brothers” have more of a “one on one” approach when working with their students than many other makers in the industry. They have some of the best quality instruments in existence. Some of these are on display in our shop, but all are in “retail stock”. We have a number of instruments that are in a similar situation. Our students may have the patience, determination and “the gift of gab” to learn in our facility for a year or more and make a very satisfactory violin. That person may make a fabulous, expensive professional violin in that time period. These will not be a very good violin but will not be a bad one either. These students will become very proficient and have a very good, wide variety of choices to choose from. This type of learning is very productive. We only have one violin making shop in our country and the Gevaert Brothers do not use any machines for their operations. They can use hand tools and a very good set of hands- on equipment. We do have equipment needed to make many of these instruments. A good set of hands-on equipment is very expensive and this equipment must also be hand- trained. In Europe, there are very fine and skilled woodworkers and makers. They have specialized equipment for making such instruments as many of their pieces are wood. This is also our advantage over the Germans. In our business there are three sets of hands-on equipment needed for our students. Each student needs very specialized “hands-on” equipment, and these can very expensive. The other equipment may be used to make other instruments, but those are usually not a part of the curriculum of this type of instrument making. The German system of teaching violin is so different than our own that we usually have trouble teaching our students the basics of how to play the instrument. Our students need to have more training, and we need to have them more educated on this type of music and how to make it sound as good as possible. In all
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