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The answers to these questions don’t lie in how long you have been playing piano, but in how many lessons you have taken over the years. The more you play a particular instrument over time, and the more you practise, the farther you will get in your piano improvement.

How to improve

How can you begin training and improving piano? Here are some tips to help you improve:

Set a goal, and stick to it

By setting a goal, you are helping yourself see the good in yourself by putting a new way in mind of your goals. If you would like a guitar score of this song by Bach, try, “How do you like it?” or “How’s your day going, Piano Player?”.

Aim for improvement
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For piano training, the main thing is to practice. Don’t expect the result of every single practice session to be perfect, and don’t give yourself excuses on how it has not been perfect at the last. Remember that it takes practice to improve, so try and play every single note as many times as you can each day. You must also put time and energy into practice to actually learn, and you must do this daily.

What you must do to improve

Make sure you have the right techniques (how to hold the pedal correctly) for each hand

Learn chords

Learn how to play a piano tune

Practice daily

Try not to get frustrated

Don’t take it too easy

It is really important to try to play every single note or chord as the above. But it is also important to play in a rhythm. Don’t play a note slowly (slow) or not really at all. Play the chord in an easy tempo for example (1/3 of a bar). Keep your eyes on the beat, and don’t let fatigue, nerves, lack of muscle strength or a bad technique get the better of your playing.

What do you need to do if you want to improve

When you improve, it is often because of your own efforts

What you will find when you improve is that you feel better, your ears are clearer and you improve your technique.

It’s important to remember that your progress shouldn’t be measured by how you sound to someone else, or how a song sounds. It means that you are practicing with people in your life that you respect, and that you’re trying to improve yourself, not just yourself.

You don’t have to reach

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