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How could I learn it with my eyes closed?”

In order to learn the piano, one needs either a computer or at least some basic keyboard skills. While people can learn the piano from DVDs, you need to get into the habit of sitting in front of the piano for several hours at daily practice on the computer.

But as we all know, not everyone is able to spend hours practicing every day. So how do you take your piano lessons even if you have the skills needed? Is it hard to learn piano at an older age? How could I learn it with my eyes closed? To find out:

Find a School

Since you don’t know when the piano lessons will be over, it’s best to start somewhere else before getting an actual piano. You could start at home from scratch, but you’ll be spending far longer than you need to.

If you have a family member who owns a piano, you could find a school that specializes in piano lessons (like the one above) and invite them over to your house to practice with you until you’re able to get yourself into the habit of sitting for hour long practice sessions. Or you could hire professional piano instructors to travel with you in order to spend multiple hours going over the same exercise, which would hopefully improve your skills to a degree.

Either of these methods has worked for me and there are many others just like it out there. There are also many people who just play piano with friends. And if you already have a piano, you can find a piano instructor who will teach the piano to people you can help get the music in your head.

Get the Music

Asking the musician you need will make learning the piano even easier. There are many groups online that will be happy to help you find the piano practice equipment that you need as long as you give them a small cut of the profits.
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Start at Home

While it’s probably best to find a teacher before starting your own study, there are plenty of places that offer piano lessons for as little as $5. This is not for everyone, unfortunately, but if you want to get started in a relatively short period of time, it can be worth it.

Get into the habit of practicing when you wake up in the morning. The longer you wait, the more difficult your sessions might become, but it’s better than sitting at home with the lights off. If you don’t want to start from scratch, use a program like PracticeOne

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