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September 3, 2020 0 Comments

Yes, very easy. It’s a very hard game, you are limited to the keyboard as it has a specific layout. I know a few different players who have reached the level and can play the game with the piano, however I found that my main problem is not to memorize patterns or notes but to learn to listen to the music, which is tricky to do. Some players start with the piano while others want to learn to listen to it. I believe you can learn to play the keyboard very easily once you learn what different keys mean and to try different kinds of sounds.

8. What’s the best way to learn to play a piano? For beginners, I recommend a book written by the famous teacher David Chizmar.

A book written by the famous teacher David Chizmar

9. What will happen if you fail to memorize the notes of the C and B major scales? I believe that it is completely possible to play piano and not know the notes and it’s not the end of the world. What I mean is, if you have trouble figuring out the notes, you can still perform the steps, just be confident in the way you perform them. The best way to deal with this is to try new melodies.
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10. If you play a musical instrument for a while you usually find yourself in situations of boredom. Do you think the same way?

Sometimes I feel that I want to quit the piano and never play another musical instrument again. If I find it difficult to perform, that’s when I go back to the piano for a break. I think that we should enjoy ourselves and learn every aspect of our abilities together as a small team.

11. Do you remember your first few piano lessons?

Of course I remember the first few lessons I received. I started learning the piano when I was only 7 years old, but I am sure that, after practicing my father and brother and my uncle for so many years, by then I was good enough.

12. Any advice you might have for a novice piano player?

I think it’s really important to start from a solid foundation and to practice. You can’t just have an average experience with learning a new instrument. You need a lot of practice time before you can reach the point of perfection. I believe one of the best things to start with is to spend at least eight hours for a weekly practice session. This way you build a solid base for your work, and also will feel

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