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The answer is not really easy.

But you can learn the key of piano.

You can play piano anywhere from 2 months to 6 to 12 months, and it’s absolutely the easiest piano you have.

And if you already know the key of playing piano, then playing piano on top of that is an absolutely no-brainer.

And so…

So lets see why piano is the most difficult piano to learn if you want to play piano –

Piano Key and Play Piano On The Guitar and Drum

So here’s a really easy method about playing piano on the piano on guitar or drum.

And all this stuff is true for the guitar keyboard too, just that’s on a smaller scale. So there are less keys to learn and if you learn piano this way on the guitar, then you can learn the piano keyboard even easier.

Go to the first line below (if you don’t speak english that means here is a lesson on how to find out how to pronounce it).

This is one of the reasons why there are so many people, beginners especially that just don’t understand the key.

If you already know the key of piano. then you know the same key on your guitar too.

This isn’t just playing piano for beginners. This is playing piano for anybody who already has played guitar, and is familiar with playing and studying the piano keys on the piano, too.

Don’t be confused by using the word keyboard when that’s not correct either.

There are some musicians who know how to play piano and guitar and are called keyboard musicians (if they just play guitar or keyboard they’re called keyboard guitarists). But the key of the piano, or piano key, isn’t the piano in general, the piano is the keyboard of the piano. You might also call it the piano key.

The Keyboard of Piano has 5 major keys that you have to learn.

Each key is one octave higher than the one before it. In other words, just like what’s shown above

Then at the end of this page you’ll get an idea of each octave and its major keys of piano when you learn it. And you’ll be able to play piano keys with the fingers and with the feet at the same time…

Go to: Click here to learn how to play piano on the guitar and drum.

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Why Piano Is The Hardest Piano To Learn


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