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How do I know if I’m learning the violin? Do the violin lessons at a classical school really suit me?

Here are some resources from around the web that you might find useful when you’re looking for information on these topics.

The web’s largest resource on musical training is the International Musical Academy (IMA).

The IMA is devoted to the study and development of young composers, musicians, and musicians-at-large. IMA schools operate in a wide variety of locations around the world.

For more information, visit

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Citing a lack of funding and resources, police are struggling to deal with crimes that happen on crowded commuter trains.

A man was shot and killed while sitting in the front carriage of a train in Ottawa, according to a spokesperson for the City of Ottawa.

The incident happened Saturday morning near the intersection of Wellington St. and St. Laurent Blvd.

The unnamed woman who was riding the train with another woman on a bus in the area was also critically injured.

Witnesses told CTV News the shooter fired a “massive amount” of bullets, in the direction of the train.

No other details about the incident were provided.

No suspect has been arrested, according to a spokesperson for Ottawa police.

It’s the second incident on the City of Ottawa’s commuter rail line in as many months. On March 15 a man was struck in the leg by a bullet fired by another passenger.

A report by the OPP alleges the suspect has links to gang activity. He was arrested at a residence in Ottawa East and charges were laid. The man was not publicly identified.

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