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The first musical instrument I ever played, which was all the way through kindergarten and fifth grade, was an acoustic piano, and that was very interesting. They had a set, like, one or two keys down, and the keys would slide, and I’d just sort of take out a finger, and we’d play. Just a couple times a week, which is all right—but it was something that was very, very special.

And then I learned guitar. I would watch these guys that played, and I would be curious, and the first couple things I did were these sort of half-finger licks and things, and the second couple would be the notes, and I realized that they made the songs sound interesting. I think for the most part people are a mix—some think that maybe they’re just a harmonica player, and some would be like, “Okay, there’s one here for both.”

How do you think about music and who’s doing the best work?

You try to think about it from several different angles. Some are the kind of music you’re interested in, where you don’t really feel that you can relate to the song unless you think about it emotionally, or where it will have a kind of a physical effect on you. You’re either the type of person that feels like it’s the coolest thing ever, or the person who thinks that it’s boring.

On the other side of that equation are all the stuff that’s very different—like, if an instrument’s not in that area. So you can listen really carefully, listen to a whole bunch of different pieces of music and figure out what you like, what you don’t like, and try to find that middle. There are a lot of people in that camp, because there are a huge variety of things you can do.
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What’s your favorite piece of music of the past 20 years?

Well, I mean, I love, I love most everything from Beethoven to J Balvin to the Beatles to The Who. I love music and the people that make it. I would say The Who is at the top of my list for sure, because they’re some of the few artists that I’ve ever liked, and I really think they’ve got one of that great songs, like “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” that always gets me—and I was always a big fan of that.

There were times when you wanted to be one of

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