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The piano white keys are not a separate key that a player can hit with a left-handed arm. (The word white is pronounced the same way as the “White” family of names.) These white keys, called “keys” in the piano world, are used, at most, once or twice a key, and may or may not be used when the piano is playing.

The white keys on a piano are actually a set of parallel metal plates that sit atop the body and are joined into a kind of square to create a perfect “white” ring, or “plate,” of metal. The front of the piano has a set of white keys, known as “blue keys,” and the back has white keys, known as the “black keys.”

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What are red keys on a piano called?

The white keys on a piano are called “red keys.” There is an old music business term that refers to red piano keys as a “black” term. In fact, some of today’s famous “Red Pianos” have red keys in the center and black keys in the rim.

What are black keys on a piano called?

The white keys on a piano are known as “black keys.” Although black piano keys (blue keys) sit beneath the other piano keys, they also are used in concert settings, as well as just in general to help the left-handed player find the same “key” as the right-handed player.

The black keys on a piano sit within a square of metal called a “ring.” The white keys on piano also are black. There is one red piano key in between the black keys and the black keys.

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