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There are several types of piano lessons: one-on-one lessons for an hour, private lesson for $250 a head and three-hour “choreographed” lessons costing $1,000 a head.

What do I need to be able to play for five hours?

You’ll need a basic understanding of a piano keyboard. You’ll also need the following:

An instrument

Tennis racket

Tennis racket One hand

Tennis racket For a better hand (see also: learning to hit a tennis racket) A tennis racket (or a tennis racket bag)

Tennis racket

A tennis racket bag

What if I need one extra hand?

If you have an extra hand, don’t hesitate to request a discount! We understand that when it comes to tennis, that some people just cannot play on their regular racquet. If you need extra hands for your lessons, they are $15 a day. There are no extra fees or extra charges involved with these special sessions.

What if I want to make a long, slow swing, but I don’t have the piano?

I can give you a little bit to use with a tennis ball. You can rent what you need and get your own racket. Just tell me the name and the number to call in advance, so that we can set up the appropriate times.

What if I can’t afford any of these things?

You are always welcome to try other piano lessons. If you need something and don’t have it, call us! We’re always happy to help. If you get a good feel for a piano, your next lesson can be as affordable or more so than all the other services that we offer!

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