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November 30, 2020 0 Comments

Can you buy a new violin for the same prices? No, and you’re not alone in wondering why. This question is common enough to give it its own category. However, what’s often forgotten is that not all violins are created equally.

Viola bows are generally available in two different sizes: small and large. The size of a violin’s bow varies by brand, with the largest models making up just a few inches of the violins’ length. The size of a violin’s string determines the tension a bow will hold and the type of sound coming out of it. It’s not only a matter of a specific size of bow, but also a matter of which particular type of bow is being used. The largest violin string is used in recitals and concertos, which also have the longest strings available; the smallest is used during classical music and jazz. A standard violin can contain more than one style of bow or string.

Although it’s not always possible to tell exactly what kind of bow a particular violin has, here are some general rules of thumb based on an assessment of the string’s length, width, and weight, as described by the USFTA.

Smaller size violins tend to have the longest bows, and the most weight. So, in theory, smaller violins should have shorter bows and are therefore lighter. However, research has shown a range of different bows, with the heaviest being some violins that weigh more than one ton.

Also, some smaller violins have bows that weigh just a little less than that required for a violin of standard size, so you may not need as much weight as you might think, though you’ll still need a heavier bow.

Size of the bow determines the thickness of its string. The smaller the bow (or narrower the gap between the bow and the string), the thinner the string will be, and thus the stronger sound the bow will make. This translates into a larger weight, and thus a much larger range of bow sizes, though some models have bows that are more than a foot thick to allow for their weight.

The thinner the string, the more powerful the bow will be. And this, in turn, leads to a sharper, brighter tone. This translates into higher price tag.

There are, however, models that have more than one bow type and weight. So, although different brands and models differ in size, weight, and string tension, the model of the bow will also vary.

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