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November 8, 2020 0 Comments

The violins you see on television and in the gallery are, in fact, manufactured in China. The price varies between the size, shape, and materials. I can also share the cost that I pay for instruments I buy from the Internet.

Are violins better because they are made in China?

My personal opinion is that when you have a high-end Chinese violin you should take note of the quality, durability, and durability of the instrument. This is just my opinion, but I think that a very good violin should perform very well and last for many years.

The difference in cost between a good violin and a good imported violin is only 10%-15%!

Some violin manufacturers have a special discount plan for violins.

I have purchased many violins from online sellers and received no warranty. Most of the times they had a very bad experience and the violin broke after several years of use.

I want to purchase my own violins. Can I get discounted prices?

Sure, but make sure you buy from violins manufacturers you know because they have many suppliers that will cut the prices significantly. For example, for the Guarneri model Guarneri, which I am considering purchasing, I can expect it to cost about $100,000 to produce.

What about the lower end of the orchestra and concert hall market? And what about the violin stores?

For the most part, stores like Focal and B&B cannot offer good deals. Focal and B&B don’t buy from violins factory, so their inventory is very limited.

My violin is too large to fit in your store? Why can’t I sell it?

There are no hard and fast rules as to what is “unfit” to be sold. For example, large violins might have a poor quality in the bridge section and maybe some other things. My question is, what’s that “problem” I’m talking of?

When a violin breaks I will usually send it back to you in full working order in a padded envelope. I will pay for the shipping costs. I do not charge a credit card or send any cash to you. If you think you might be the one who broke the string, then you can contact me.

I know a store that offers very good deals on violins and you do not take money off my check. Why?

I am not saying that everyone who orders viol

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