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October 11, 2020 0 Comments

These days, a typical violin costs about £8,000. But the current market is dominated by young people, who spend more than £10,000 on a pair each year. Many are on their first guitar and hope to be playing in five years.

Image caption Violins are popular with young people

The average violin cost £1,800 at the turn of the 20th Century, but this fell by two-thirds in the early 20th Century to just £500.

Image caption This example of early 20th Century violins and guitars comes from the Museum of Modern Art

The prices are not all bad. A violin or mandolin can be bought for about £150, making them cheaper than cheaper music machines and even more affordable than a PC or laptop.

The average price for high heels can be as low as £13, although there are some expensive models like the £450-£700 Fender Telecaster.

However, expensive instruments are often used solely as musical instruments, because many musicians cannot afford to buy a guitar or even a piano, says the Stradivarius Museum .

“These instruments were made in the early 20th Century for the pleasure of playing them, but they are also incredibly powerful instruments. It’s a challenge to find a guitarist who doesn’t want to play a piano.”

How do violin makers make money?

Like other musical instruments, the money from a violin comes from private sales, and they do not have to pay royalties to the music makers.

Image caption The violin maker’s daughter (l-r) is photographed at the Stradivarius Museum

There is also a large online marketplace to sell violins and mandolins, which are very similar to their older counterparts. The violin maker can use their profits to buy more instruments, and they sell to many places.

“If there’s a big demand for music, the violins will go up, and if there’s a shortage at the end of the year, the violins will fall,” explains the Stradivarius Museum.

The violin makers have also become very good at producing a range of different colours and styles so that the individual model can easily be distinguished from others.

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