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That’s a question we ask ourselves a lot — and you’ll find it asked in a number of ways on the site.

While pianists may have been born at birth or younger than that, they can choose to learn how to play the piano as a “learning” career later in life through formal and informal learning options. You don’t have to have a degree in piano to play the piano; at the very least you’ll often choose something better than a bachelor’s. Learning the piano isn’t just about playing; it’s learned music.

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Some people, however, learn the piano as a more serious career. As a pianist, you will find yourself working and touring to promote your work — as a soloist in a symphony, for instance, or as a guest musician at events like weddings. These activities can be great learning opportunities and will likely earn you higher pay than your average job. You’ll also probably play some solo concerts, as well.

When it comes to learning by ear or learning using other sources of information, we’re not always as good as those that say “no” or that they should avoid listening to music (which is also sometimes the case to an extent) because of its potential to cause brain damage. The thing is, it’s still the piano so you have a choice.

The pianist, when it comes to learning, is no different. If you’re serious about learning by ear, you’ll want to play in the bar band or orchestra with your classmates, or just keep in regular practice at home with your teacher. Some pianists are so determined to be good that they make a point to spend some time a week a month playing in a jazz club. Don’t think that a week of regular music education is a bad thing — it can really get you up to speed.

At the same time, don’t forget that any way you choose to learn the piano, you are responsible for learning by ear.

I’m going to leave you with some tips on how to get yourself started on your path to becoming an elite piano player.

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