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It’s not just another piece of gear – it’s a tool, in which I have been using my entire career and that I am proud to share with you.

When you are using a piano, you are not actually taking a random piece of equipment home from the store. Instead, you are taking one piece of an orchestra, which belongs to the manufacturer, and you are doing things with it you will never have done as a professional musician – things that you cannot possibly learn in just a few dozen hours on the keyboard. You are making changes and improvisations that will require more than a simple instruction manual. And the piano you are using is not one piece of equipment that you’ve owned for years. It is a real piece of music, and it has a lot to say to you.
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If you’re thinking all the piano you’re using is boring, there is reason to believe this is not the case. Every piano has a history dating back to the mid-19th century. You’ll be surprised to learn that an old piano isn’t boring, because it contains more story than you ever expected to find in a music instrument. Some of the more interesting stuff about a piano involves the history of its maker, the way it was made, its intended purpose and its unique character.

The original factory where the piano factory now operates started in 1870 as a furniture factory. Eventually, they decided they wanted to manufacture pianos, and that’s what they produced, with the same name as a piano factory – The Piano Factory. The name gave everyone around the world a clear idea of what they were doing, and they started making pianos in the 1860s. They started by making a small selection of pianos, and they later set up a new factory, using the same name, to manufacture a larger collection. In addition to piano sets, they also built tables, chairs and music boxes.

For their pianos, they used only Italian wood; they used only the highest grade wood on the market. They also made all the parts in-house to protect their manufacturing process. There was no outside help in manufacturing this piano. The parts for this piano were mostly the result of years of hard work, and are some of the finest products produced for piano manufacture. The wood has a lot of character and, on its own, it’s very elegant. But it wasn’t always such a beautiful thing. In fact, the piano factory was originally one of those places where you would have to work very hard and get

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