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November 4, 2020 0 Comments

This is really important, because once you have a C on a piano, you will end up with a bunch of middle C’s (like in any stringed instrument), making it hard to find good music.

This has happened many times in musical history, and has been the reason why a lot of famous music started with strings. Even a C major chord is a problem, as you don’t have all the upper notes of F and F# coming out at the right time, so you can’t play the whole song. With an A major chord, you will not have all the lower notes coming out at the right time (unless you have it in E major and you play it backwards).

In order to be able to find great music, I prefer to have the D major chord on the piano, or to have the C major chord on the instrument, but the difference between my choice (which is my personal preference) and every piano manufacturer’s is a matter of taste. If I had to choose only one piano, I would choose the Yamaha M150, because it offers a real “A” chord (which is not available on the D-string piano), while the Yamaha F150 and F300 have both the A and B chords, and the F150 is the only “C” chord that you get. If you get a used Yamaha F150, it will have the B chord, and all the rest will be the A. If you are a fan of the M600 in terms of build quality, or love the Yamaha F300, and would like to have its B chord (with only one note) available, get in line with either of those options since you don’t get the A chord on the piano.

You can find many music websites that will help you find the C-note on a piano, including my favorites:

The piano in the photo on the left is a Yashica E9/M11, and the piano on the right is a Yamaha F30. The notes of C that we are talking about (the ones in red) are the actual notes. You cannot mix these notes together to get a different sound, so you can find the D, B, A, G, and E chords on the piano, along with the D, B, A, G, and E of the instrument.

A few common examples of when I find C on a guitar:

-The low C and D in G major were recorded as “L

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