Which is harder violin or piano? – Learning Piano At 40

August 23, 2020 0 Comments

I have always wondered this also.

I’d like to start the day off knowing, if nothing else, that I have a little bit of a clue about the instruments that I play on, but that is no real consolation to my fellow students. It’s all just so frustrating!

It just makes me think, “WTF!??!?!?” Well, I guess I do have some knowledge of the instruments. But my violin was given to me at a young age. So if I wasn’t playing it then, I’d be asking myself, “How did I get the violin at this age?”

Oh, well, I guess my piano playing will give me some clue as well? I haven’t played a piano in about 5 years. I don’t know how long I’ll last doing that.

Well I guess my guitar? That probably has little to no clue as well.

I’d say that all my musical interests are in fact my hobbies as well, but my favorite way to play guitar is to just write music. Not because the sounds of a guitar make me feel euphoric, but rather that it is simply a physical manifestation of my emotions.

Oh, what’s that? You have yet to pick up drums?

It’s the drum kit! I’m so used to it that it’s not like I need to do it now that I have my little musical hobby. But I do like to try some new things!

My favorite genres of music include: country, folk, and rock. Sometimes I also really enjoy jazz. My favorite artists are: James Taylor, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, and Bob Dylan.

I think that maybe my biggest weakness? I can’t write or play good music at a very high level, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I guess it could be that it is hard to be the kind of musician that you can just keep doing? Or maybe it’s just that I find it easier to just be myself? I’m not sureā€¦

Well the thing that bothers me most is that sometimes my voice will get really quiet. Even when I sing very loudly, I just hear my voice sound quieter than it normally would be.

In all seriousness, I also think that if I don’t make these changes, I will be really frustrated and bored with just a single thing.

Any advice would be much appreciated! (I understand that I could get really frustrated and bored if I didn’t make these

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