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September 12, 2020 0 Comments

I can!

The second part of Siri, and the part for me, is a “What was that?” and I would have to have that out of my mind so that you don’t get lost and all of a sudden the voice, “Was that a question?” “Yes, it was!”

Is that something you guys are going to come up with in the future?

It sounds like it would be a nice, pleasant thing to do to give people a little bit of information before they walk into my store. It would be nice to give people a little more information than their phone asks them, but it wouldn’t feel like just a “What was that?” It would feel really natural.

Can you do that with Siri? Yes or no?

(Laughs) We’re definitely thinking about it.

You mentioned that voice recognition is coming to iPhones more quickly than you were planning. Can you talk about that?

For iPhone 7, we’ve actually increased the number of cores from 64 to 128 and we did so in a matter of months. A lot of other manufacturers are planning to do the same. For the iPhone 8, we’re increasing it by a factor of 200, so the chip will get faster, but in some areas of the vision, the system will run faster because there is more memory on the processor chip.

What does that mean for you and Apple for future hardware projects?

I’m still planning the next few years of future research and development.

The United Nations estimates about 100,000 Palestinians remain in the Gaza Strip, with almost 100 of them still living under siege with no access to clean water or electricity. But according to a report published on Tuesday, Israel appears to be deliberately neglecting its obligations under the Palestinian Civilian Protection Law (1986), which stipulates safety for civilians and humanitarian law enforcement.

In a new study, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) found that Israel had failed to address five serious issues that could have helped reduce the number of Gazans living under siege.

According to the report on Gaza-related issues, Israel’s security operations – carried out in violation of international law – had resulted in hundreds of deaths, wounded hundreds, created an urgent humanitarian situation, and made it difficult to bring food into the Strip. For its part, Israel failed to maintain adequate levels of security (security fences).

Israeli authorities denied this, stating that they were not responsible

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