Do raps have to rhyme? – How To Write A Rap Song

August 16, 2020 0 Comments

No, you can have a rhyme if you feel like it!

I’ma rattle ’em a lil’ bit, but ‘cross that line, you ain’t never gonna be able to rhyme!

I don’t know which line you’re on, but if you rhyme a few times with me, you won’t be able to rhyme

Rhyme with no rhyme, there is nothing rhyming about it!

The way that music moves around in the world, no one can rhyme

With the people we’re seeing, they can’t rhyme, right?

Rapping, people know they got a lot of problems, and they got to get things done

‘Cause the rap world’s got bad people here that rap and get paid big bucks

Now they come up on TV, they try to get my name

I’ll give ’em an hour, they’ll go to sleep, but then they’re in it again, baby!

Ain’t nothing left to say on ’em, they don’t rhyme at all!

I’mma rap with a little time ’til they get tired

Or give ’em the finger and say “you didn’t pay my bill!”

So if you’ve been a big nigga like in the ’70s,

You might have forgotten that I rhyme with no rhyme

I can rap as strong as no one else can, no other way to say it!

So if you’ve been a big nigga like in the ’70s,

You might know that I say no rhyme no more!

Raps can say what they want as fast as they want, but if you don’t feel I rhyme with no rhyme,

You might not even know there are many rhymes, but you want the word!

If I don’t rhyme, I’ll be here on a regular basis

With no rhyme, that means you ain’t even able rhyme!

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