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Most music production software today is pretty useless for making music. Most people have no idea what tools they need to use for making music. So, they end up using it as a crutch which just makes the work even easier and takes away the ability to make mistakes.

In this course, we’ll take on the task of starting from zero, getting an understanding of what different software is capable of and then creating a real song! We’ll also be taking advantage of many awesome resources that will aid in our quest for perfection.

Here’s the breakdown:

The course will take us through the basics of creating music, including mixing, mastering and recording.

This course will be comprised of several parts, covering music theory, workflow, music production and technology.

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The course will be divided into four tracks with each one consisting of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 tracks, allowing you to make music in a total of 24 hours.

The final part is a ‘Pro-Tune’ portion where we’ll take on a more advanced setting, including mixing and recording.

We’ll be covering:

Audio Engineering:

How to get your tracks recorded and mixed

The basics of audio mixing, especially how to make a mix work well with every audio input you have.

The basics of audio engineering are covered, but how to go about getting the proper level, volume and balance for each input. Also discussed are the effects mixing which is one of the most critical aspects of music production when it comes to sound quality.

Guitar Technique:

The tools that make the guitar sound the best it can.

As we’ll learn, there are many guitar techniques out there. These techniques are extremely valuable in every regard — including the quality of the resulting sound.

The course will cover:

The many different guitar techniques that exist, and how they can be used to create a great sound.


How to make music with MIDI.

This will be covered for the beginners who find MIDI extremely helpful and may be a good introduction.


The various DAWs that are available to choose from, and their functions.

We’ll learn how to create a great sounding song from beginning to end, starting with the simplest of tracks and progressing to more complex tracks. We’ll have plenty of music to work off of, so you don’t have

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