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You need your own microphone, and you should plan to work out the problems on a per-unit basis. A set of 3 mics should do it. A 3-mic system, for example, would have a set of 15 different mics in one small box, and that’s all you need.

There’s one more thing: if you want to get a studio in the house, then it may be worth paying for an upgrade like a Zoom H6i. You can then make use of all the great space inside the house to make better music.

There’s also the cost of the gear. A professional studio can cost anywhere from £40,000 to £100,000. You should definitely factor that in when you set up your equipment budget.
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I’m not a pro, and I’m not good at recording. Can I still use a record label for a while?

No, this is not a question you should answer unless it’s the last thing you want to discuss with an old friend. You should never be looking to start a proper record label.

But if you don’t have the skills and want to try your luck at getting a few contracts with major labels, that’s fine. For that matter, if you want to try out your metronomic-y hand at writing for indie labels that are only too happy to let you go and sell your song to the biggest name in music, that’s fine too. And it’s perfectly fine to work for a local record label while you try your thing.

The only reason anyone ever leaves a professional recording label is because they want to write a hit to go with ‘What You Need?’ – they’re all about those opportunities.

If you want your career to continue, it’s always best if you stay out of corporate land. If you want an artist to get a record deal – then it shouldn’t be your job to produce a great song. And, if you want an artist to get into the music game, it shouldn’t be your job to publish a record – you should be the one getting people to buy it.

And if you want to be a big time producer? Then that means you need to become an authority on a particular sound or style.

That kind of person does not exist – let alone in the music industry. A singer, a band leader, a producer, an arranger, an engineer, an engineer’s assistant, a composer or a visual-effects man are

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