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– The most difficult thing about rhyming is learning the basic pattern and rhythm of the phrase. Here are the steps: 1. Say the word in a smooth, low, quiet voice. Keep the “sounds” level. You have to sound natural and relaxed. Just be sure not to overdo it. This is a slow, relaxed, soothing voice. 2. Now begin to say the phrase in quick, rapid, rapid speech. If you don’t say “sounds” in quick, rapid speech, you will lose the rhythm of the words. Also, you may make an error by overusing “sounds” and over-saying words. Don’t do this and you will end up sounding unnatural and nervous. 3. Continue adding syllables and adding sound words and sound words until you reach the desired rhyme pattern. As you add sounds and words, try not to make any mistakes. 4. After your rhyme has been finished, pronounce the phrase as it would sound if written down, without using any extra sound words. For most of the people, this would be “sounds” or “words” or “moods” or “words.” You can use different syllable sounds whenever needed. Remember, it is easier to teach one way than to teach many ways. 5. If you have trouble deciding what words to say, say the phrase in its original form (without the sounds) and see if you can make up words as you go along. Remember: the way you say it is only a guideline (though some rhyme patterns work better if you say both “sounds”) 6. Now repeat the song you just rhymed over and over again as often as needed, until you feel good about your ability to rhyme the lyrics out well. If you notice that you do not remember the rhyme in any particular place, try it again without leaving the song. If you do not feel confident repeating the words in any place, then stop reading the guide and return to the page that you looked at earlier. If you still lose the rhyme of the words, try adding syllables (as if making a new word) until you eventually can rhyme the whole song out. If you still don’t feel confident, then stop reading and return to the page that you looked at earlier. 7. When you feel your ability to repeat the phrases is good enough, the next step depends on your age and level of skills. If you want to practice longer phrases, you may want to read through

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