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When was the last time you touched your hands?

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the New York-based website BigPond’s decision to allow users to control the Internet connection speeds of their computer’s computer. But I’ve got more news to report about the issue of network neutrality.

Yesterday, BigPond announced that after a year of research they have come up with a new model that will speed up the Internet, with a maximum of 8 Mbps. Of course, this won’t happen overnight. The model, if it’s ever implemented, will take 3 years to implement.

According to BigPond’s CEO, Ben Goldfarb, the network can currently be slowed to 2% of its peak speed, which is equivalent to a slow dial-up connection on the dial-up service. His new model will allow internet service users to download at 1% of their speeds. (You can watch Goldfarb explain the new system in this “YouTube TV” video.)

But while the network will definitely improve, the effect on Internet freedom is significant.

According to the Electronic Frontier, “The new model doesn’t just boost the rate at which a person can play games; it also increases a user’s ability to search the Web, and even to watch movies, without having to pay Internet service providers for faster and cheaper speeds.”

And it won’t take effect until 2019, when a third party court case will be decided by a Federal judge.

As part of this case, the Federal Communications Administration will review a request made by Apple to force the government agency to issue net neutrality regulations.

If the regulations go back to the court, and the court concludes that regulations do not violate the First-Amendment rights of citizens, these regulations could be thrown out.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Once the government decides to impose restrictions like this on a specific individual, that individual can still use other methods to circumvent the government’s rules. We already know that Google (and the other big Internet companies) can, for example, use the court system to fight against these rules, although they may do so in a different way—for example, through their lobbying to Congress.
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The FCC’s current net neutrality rule states that no provider may block or degrade access to any lawful content or applications.

According to the EFF, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has asked the Federal Trade Commission for guidance on whether the agency is required

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