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Halloween: What are the important dates of the holiday?

The most popular date of the holiday is October 31st – November 2nd. Many events are happening in the first three weeks of November.

Why do you still celebrate Halloween?

Most of my family and friends celebrate Halloween on the second Sunday of October or first Sunday of November. For them, Halloween is always something to do in the spirit of Halloween (and with a big dose of booze).

Halloween is fun and everyone tries to see what they can pull off the next month. It is a celebration of the spirit and the horror, but also the people behind things.

Why do so many people think it is a bad thing to be gay?

One of my students had heard “Halloween is a gay day” in a class and started screaming, “That’s a lie! When did that ever happen? It can never ever happen!!”

What do people say when they see pictures of people playing in their yard with skulls? Is the color green a sign of the devil?

The colors green and black come from the Germanic deity Thor. One of the two brothers of Thor is Odin. He is the god of thunder, lightning and storm and he wears the color green. Odin is a trickster god and his trickery takes many forms – it is not enough to wear green on Halloween night.

Halloween is a tradition of sorts for some. It is a day for the people. The people will spend a good part of the afternoon on their front lawn or sitting in lawn chairs at the door. If you get there early, you might have to listen to loud music or talk over your lawnmower in your underwear because it turns itself on. If you get there late, your lawn is empty. You might see a friend or a stranger but you should watch where you are standing. This is the time to put on the protective gear. If there is a tree around the house, you need to put a sign up that says, “Tree is considered the sacred tree. Do not cut or break any.”

There is also a festival called the Yule Ball. It is about how the year has gone. It is a ball filled with sweets and alcohol. People gather in a ball in front of their house and drink some of their favorite alcoholic drinks. In general, it is

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