How fast can Suga Rap per second? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Words For Kids

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Suga was able to persecute Rap Monster.

That was very strange. It didn’t sound like it was very fast in any way.


Suga was taking action against Rap, who was going at full speed. Suga was clearly putting in a lot of effort to counter Rap. After all, it was difficult to hit such a powerful monster like Rap.

But, the battle was just beginning. Suga Rap had no idea what to do.

Suga Rap was surprised by the fact that for a monster like him, he would become a hindrance.

“It’s just the beginning? Please, be more gentle on me.” (Rap)

Rap asked the question that was bothering him. Because both his feet were completely black, he was unable to see Suga Rap. However.

“Humph, are you really trying to put in a lot of effort to fight me this much? You’re not even able to move for all this time, though.

Suga Rap’s face was like he had suddenly become tired as he felt like sweating.

“If I become another one of these monsters, do you think that I will be able to bear it all to end? That would be very pitiful.

Suga Rap seemed to be able to hear Rap’s question.

“Well, I am not stupid, so please take care of me.” (Rap)

Rap asked that after Suga Rap gave up on his efforts to fight him.

“Please have mercy on me, please.” (Rap)

“What?! Why are you trying to ask someone to do something like that?!

As soon as Rap heard that, he suddenly lost his cool, and his expression grew serious.

He was probably thinking of Suga Rap, who was still standing around. Because he was afraid that he would be attacked by the monster, he was trying to stand around and not attack it.

But, was the current Rap even an enemy? Or is Suga Rap just another one of those useless monsters that were able to endure and move against a monster for a long time?

Suga Rap’s body felt sluggish and was a bit heavy. He was making a bitter smile as he looked at the other monster, Rap Monster.

“Oh well. You should be tired anyway, so you don’t

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