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We need to wait to see how much his new training program actually improves the performance of sprint athletes. And since he trained only on the same training wheels as the best and fastest sprinters in the world, it is impossible (or near impossible) to know exactly how big of a difference Suga might have made to the sprinting performance. He did not change his running style, nor did he train at a really high pace. But since he can only train so much in a short amount of time, it is possible that his improvement will be much more limited than what was reported in the news stories. That being said, we already know that Suga really does not know the first thing about sprinting.
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An official in the Saudi Arabian government’s Civil Aviation Authority has said the country will stop using Airbus planes in the skies over the kingdom.

A Saudi official told the Wall Street Journal Saudi Arabia will no longer purchase Airbus planes during the next five years as part of the kingdom’s budget cuts.

The official noted that the move was in response to a growing trend of foreign sales in the kingdom, with Airbus sales increasing by 20 percent last year, and which took the total to 100 in 2017.

Saudi Arabia bought its first aircraft by buying a Boeing 787 on June 8, 2014, the official told the Journal, adding the plane was leased to a Saudi-owned airline, Sabah.

As for the other models, the official said the Saudi government would seek new ones from Boeing, but would not consider building its own planes from scratch.

The WSJ notes there has been no formal announcement of the Saudi purchase of Airbus planes, but Reuters reported earlier that France could be looking to sell its Airbus fleet to the kingdom.

In addition to the cancellation of new sales of the Airbus aircraft, the government is also planning to sell off older and older planes, the WSJ reports.

“These aircraft have all been in service since 1973 and they are obsolete or cannot be fixed,” the WSJ quotes the official as saying. Saudi Arabia is planning on replacing up to 75 percent of them with new aircraft by 2030.

The WSJ claims Airbus has been selling jets to Saudi Arabian airlines while the country continues to seek new planes from private owners. The Saudi government owns 70 percent of the company, and Airbus provides 75 percent of the aircraft parts.

According to the WSJ, officials have been unable to get their hands on any older airplanes such as the E190s used by King

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