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The answer isn’t as simple as it sounds. A rap song, like any other song, contains a number of bars called verses. A verse is a very small number of words spoken in one sitting. It also differs slightly from the rest of the song. A verse can be about one, two, or three bars long, and will contain an almost limitless number of words including slangy words.

Are there any verses or verses in the entire Wu-Tang Clan album?

The only verse in the entire Wu-Tang Clan album is called On Da Track (the word is pronounced “ON-dawg,” not “ON-DEE-track”). Some of the other verses include references to a “little b*tch who made her name in the game,” lyrics about one of the members shooting up a club so that others would lose their virginity, or raps about the song.

Are there any lyrics and rhymes from The Chronic on this list?

Yes, there are. Most of the rhymes on this list originated by The Alchemist of Clan Nasty. His rhymes in the book are in black and white, and in the video for one of his verses he says, “I’m an asshole as a rap record, ’cause I ain’t even the rhyme on this song.” On the other hand though, The Chronic is the only Wu-Tang Clan album to have lyrics written by members of the group.

The only other Wu-Tang Clan album to contain rap music is Wu-Tang Clan, and it is the only rapper album on this list that has rap music. It also contains lyrics by members of the group that have since died.

Which members have appeared on both The Chronic and The Wolf Pack?

The entire Wu-Tang Clan has appeared on more than one album together. The Chronic’s inclusion could be attributed, to a large amount of research with the help of many sources, to a song they co-wrote with the late, great Ice T. The Wolf Pack features two more Wu-Tang Clan members: Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon and GZA, who has appeared on a handful of albums together before. GZA has also also appeared on a few songs with Ice T and Raekwon.

I had expected all the Wu-Tang Clan members to have appeared on The Wolf Pack but I was surprised to find that none have. GZA has not only appeared on this album but also guest-rapped

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