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This is an age-old question, but it also holds for the number of bars needed to perform a series of operations (like subtracting 12 from 35 or divide by 2). What’s the answer we’re looking for? As a quick reminder, every multiple of 16 is a multiple of 16 times 2, namely, a multiple of 16.

This should sound like the number of times you’d want to perform operations on the numbers 1 through 16, and the first couple of times should be easy, as the first number is the first number twice 16 that you’d ever want.

But once again, you may have trouble counting to this number, or in the case of quadratic equations, the numbers between 2 and 4: If you can’t count to the first number, then you can’t count to the second. This is because those two numbers are different.

So, to get this right, remember that you need to count to the second number — the one that comes after the square root of 2 – that’s the only number you want to count to.

If you’re counting from 1 to 20, as you should be, then the answer is 1.

It’s also worth noting that it’s possible to make multiple calculations to get this one answer. You could use the same method to divide 20 by the number 3 (that’s also 2) and find the second number twice that. That’s one way to get the answer 1.
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It’s not hard to tell that the “American Sniper” campaign was an attempt to get out the vote for Mitt Romney, which is a bit of a stretch. While critics will point out there was little focus on the candidate’s foreign policy record, many of the talking points focused on Romney’s own character and record.

The criticism, which is a bit of a diversion from the larger story, is that the video was aimed at undermining Romney by portraying him as overly aggressive and a bit of a hothead.

On a side note, “American Sniper” director Clint Eastwood is now apparently on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney (via The Hollywood Reporter):

Director Clint Eastwood has joined the effort to support Mitt Romney, a campaign aide confirmed. Eastwood tweeted Tuesday he was running for president, joining the effort to help his friend and former New Mexico Governor Gary Hart. Eastwood previously endorsed Republican Bob Dole in 1996, but said then that he didn’t like Dole and that he wanted to “move on

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