How many seconds is 16 bars? – Flocabulary Social Studies

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You’ll only need to worry about 32 seconds per bar. 16 times 16 + 32 = 128 seconds, which is much more than 16 bars of music for any duration of time.

When you combine the fact that each cycle of 12 bars (12 x 4) is twice as long as each of the 15 bars of the original music, it turns out that you’ll need 128 times 12 bars (~64 seconds per cycle).

The European Space Agency is poised to launch one of its own spacecraft on a rocket carrying an unmanned satellite to the moon.

Bi/Rain- I Do (Eng Subb)
The ESA’s next-generation Sentinel-1A mission, named after former NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio, is scheduled to lift off from Kazakhstan on Wednesday (Dec. 26) at 3:30 p.m. EST.

The craft is scheduled to deliver ESA’s second-ever spaceflight payload — and a major step toward returning to the moon — to the moon.

The Sentinel-1A mission is scheduled for a seven-year mission to retrieve the first European sample of the lunar surface. The mission is designed to deliver a small laboratory vehicle to the moon from Spain this year. [See the Mission Details & Mission Plan]

Sentinel-1A is slated to enter a low Earth orbit about 7,500 miles (11,400 kilometers) above Earth and enter a lunar orbit about 21,700 miles (35,200 kilometers) above Earth.

The spacecraft’s payload includes a robotic arm that will grab the moon’s roughly 1.5-mile (2.6 kilometers) large (30-centimeter) soil sample.

The moon sample is scheduled to be returned to Earth aboard a French probe. While scientists aim to return a sample as far as 5,320 miles (8,400 kilometers) away, that is a distance that would be difficult to reach from Earth.

The spacecraft is armed with 8-inch (20 centimeters) diameter (1.7-millimeter) drill, a camera and a science instrument. The latter includes an ion source, laser spectrograph and an ultra-high-resolution spectroscope, according to the mission’s mission plan.

While the mission will carry a robot arm for the moon sample collection, engineers also intend to send a rover (also known as “Sentinel-2”) to collect soil samples from the moon’s surface. That rover is due to dock with the moon’s surface in 2020.

“The sample retrieval and processing activities will be performed

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