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In his book, The Story of Your Life, author Gary Schwartz explains in detail how to use the same approach for estimating an article’s impact on your business, marketing, or education.

When he was on the business side of the company, he worked on this project with two different writers. The first was a businessperson who had built up a strong relationship with the editor of a monthly publication. The businessman would meet up with the editor as often as every two weeks to make sure he was having a good time and giving the editor the full story.

After about three weeks, the editor would get word that the businessperson had “moved on”, leaving the editor no one to ask about the article other than his co-writer. The businessperson had written an article in this area that sounded compelling, but without a writer, the editor would not be able to say definitively whether or not the article has actually made an impact on the

The second co-writer was a young college grad who had done very well on the bar. The editor wouldn’t have a lot to say about the article, but the article did come across as a great piece of journalism.

The solution was to write up what the piece meant to the editorial department at the university (since she had some input into the writing process), and write a final paper about the article that the editorial team could take home with them for their review.

This process was the exact same one that Gary found for his article (minus the businessperson!). But the writing was so much quicker, it gave him more chances to present his research.

So, how do we know whether or not we’ll end up writing an article based on an article’s impact on the business, marketing, or education?

The easiest solution is to look at one of the main sources for an article’s impact (say a company’s financial results, like earnings or sales, or the outcome of an event as in a product launch or some other kind of high visibility event).

Then we can use that list to see where the article stands on that impact list.

For example, look at a company’s revenue vs. sales stats, and ask yourself how much of that revenue makes up the average cost of doing business.

Once you know the difference, you can use the same framework to figure out an impact based on an article’s impact.

The difference is in the amount of people interested enough to come to your site,

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