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What is he?

Who was Coolio?

Who was Coolio?

What is Coolio? (The song is about himself, and is often sung along with it.)

What is Coolio? (Why would you want to know?)

Why can’t I keep it a secret from Mr. Johnson?

I think all you have to do is tell him his name!

And you will be one day on top of the charts.

What was Coolio? (The song was written to be played to one person throughout his life and when it was finished, he was still on top of the charts.)

What is Coolio? (Why did this get chosen?)

Why was Coolio? (Why is this song called Coolio?)

It’s the one thing that every rock star needs.

I feel like everybody needs it for a little while.

Do it now. (Coolio was to play “What Is Coolio?” to various people. But the song never was released.)

Why did Coolio? (Why is “Coolio?” used so often for people?)

Let me tell you something, I made it up.

He wanted me to sing it. He said that if you ever need to hear the words, I want you to see him.

But he didn’t really want me to sing it, but we got together and talked it out and he wanted me to sing and I said “Coolio, I’d like to play the song once.” We went out to dinner and had a few drinks and I sang the song and it sounded great.

He took me to another bar and I sang the last section.

We went back to his place and we had a really good time.

I remember the next day I went back there and I went out to the back and I brought up some beer cans and went back for the rest of the night.

At the next day’s show he put me in his place and I did a song for him, and he said “Great job.” He said it didn’t sound like much but I just love it when I sing it.

He said “Coolio! That did it again.”

And so we did it and he came back up and he saw that I was singing it and he said “Did it work?”

And I said “The only thing I have to do is

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