Is gangsta rap a genre? – How To Rap For Beginners Lyrics

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It’s definitely a genre. I think as a genre it encompasses a lot of different things—it’s like a genre of music. Even if we were to say, “Gangsta rap is just street culture now. Don’t be that shit. Don’t be a thug. Don’t be an idiot,” that’s just the reality of it.

But the question is, in general, does it belong on the playlist. In hip-hop parlance it is a genre. If you go to a music video, in fact, you can’t turn around and ask someone, “What is that genre?” unless you’re a music video producer.

But we’re using pop music as our medium.

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We’re a music video studio. Pop music is a genre. We use pop songs at the studio, but we actually do a lot of music video stuff. We used to be known for “I’m In The Business With You,” but I was trying to get it out there that way, and I’m not making a gangsta rap record anymore. I used to. But the truth is that we’re not a gangsta rap studio.

What was your involvement in the “Drown” video?

Actually I was in the video for “Drown” a lot longer than I was in the “New Day” video. I don’t care.

Did you produce the video, or was it a video that was shot by a director?

It was produced by the director, so it was my responsibility, but that was before I left. He brought us in.

But you were involved in the whole “New Day” video a lot longer than you were in “Drown.”

At the time of “New Day,” I was one of the four members of N.W.A. That was in January of ’94. So a lot of work went into them.

How did you all go over to L.A.?

By that time, we were all in the studio. I did the “Drown” video and produced, like, 50 Cent, a lot of other people. They had some good writers. They put us together and told me to stay in my apartment in L.A. I could see the studio right there. I could see the crew that they had.

It was a great moment for me. It was an incredible process in building a song for a video. You’re making a

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