Is gangsta rap a genre? – How To Rap Fundamentals

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Is it the same genre as rap?


Is it the same as rap?

It’s a genre of music.

What do you think of Eminem and rap


Can you tell us why you feel Eminem is such a success? Why are you a fan of him?

I think Eminem’s message of success is really important to me. My life’s purpose is to be successful. I hope he’s successful. My mom used to try to teach me how to get money, to get people to do good things for me. Then I got in trouble. She said, “No, you’ve got to have some friends, or you’re going to take care of yourself. You have to have some friends to be able to do all this stuff, because you’re going to take care of your family.”

When I was growing up, I had little friends. My mom used to sell us all drugs. It was the same thing I was doing when I was 11 years old. And it was a big part of who I am. I was always very, very poor. No money.

Growing up and having to work really hard to get a job, and when I was 15, 16 years old, I found out I didn’t have a job. It really wasn’t worth it. And I didn’t care. So when I found out I didn’t have a choice and that someone else was going to take care of me, I just did it for myself. I did it for my family. I was willing to do anything to make sure that I had food on the table, and that I got enough money to eat. I had no respect of money. I wanted nothing else. I was always ready to get the f— up. That was it. And I ended up getting that, and I ended up living a life of success, and now I get a whole lot of credit for that success.

What about yourself? What’s your music like?

The second you put it out there, you know you’ve got to put money out there. I’m not the type of person to sit home in a studio and just make music. I always want to be out there working. I always want to be making the type of music that the world sees. That’s what I’m capable of doing. That’s what my fans want me to be. That’s what I want my music to

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