Is gangsta rap a genre? – How To Rap On Beat

August 22, 2020 0 Comments

When a bunch of kids come up with the term “hip-hop” and we go, “Hey, that’s the same old rap.” To me that’s a bad look on hip-hop. Rap is a form of language that’s meant specifically for people who know the subject. In rap, it’s very precise grammar, very precise language. It’s never going to sound or feel like the rest of what’s out there. Rap isn’t used to communicate at a level of the average street guy, street person or the average hip-hop artist, and that’s a very big difference between the two. Hip-hop doesn’t have a language that works that much that people can speak.

It’s the fact that rap is so unique to hip-hop that makes it all the more so. It’s that sense of feeling that’s the reason the genre exists, and it’s that sense of how it applies to the listener and what we’re doing now.

Do you have a preference for artists from New York? Do you think that their sound has contributed at least something to the genre’s popularity?

I feel that there’s a certain amount of consistency between the kinds of artists we have — especially for New York, for instance. I’ve always thought that the New York sound is just so rich. There’s such a rich, varied, deep-fried, rich variety of music that people have in my city — there’s nothing like it. I remember years ago, in my early teenage years in New York, I remember listening to a lot of hip-hop, but in a very hip-hop way of thinking about it, so the music really appealed to me, and I thought that was because it was so distinct. But that doesn’t mean the city didn’t have other artists that also had a unique sound, even though other sounds were a pretty distinct part of it. A lot of musicians who do what we do, or have done it before that, like The Alchemist, are from New York. That’s a fact, and not a rumor. That stuff still lives and thrives in New York. I don’t really know how to explain it other than the fact that every scene, every area in New York, has people who are artists that are creating music that is similar to ours, and it’s in that fact and that spirit that we’ve got the genre.

It’s great that they keep that in the family.

But I think for me, with rap, it

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