Is Suga fastest rapper in the world? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easy Banana Pancakes

November 5, 2020 0 Comments

Suga is faster as a rapper than anybody in the world

The other day Suga told me to keep practicing and I think that’s a good thing to do. I think I’ve gained a lot in speed by practicing, since it’ll help me in the future. In the past I only gave in to my own feelings and became a slacker, but now I’m a completely different person

What are your plans to do after debut?

I want to make videos, and I want to release a album someday. I’m going to be the next Bigbang member.

How did you come up with ‘No Matter What’?

I heard that the song is similar to “If You Want” because there is a lot of sadness and longing in the background.

Did you choose this name while listening to any of the other members?

It’s because I’ve always felt like I was a boy. When I went into the boys’ dorm where I lived, someone asked me if she could look at my profile. So I opened it. I was surprised and I just wrote an autocorrecting script, and then I looked like this.

You have the nickname “CeCe” for your height and chest size. What kind of a nickname are you giving yourself when you appear in “I Got a Boy”?

I don’t call myself “ceece” anymore. I’m going with “ceece”, since it sounds nicer. (Laughs)

Can you please give us any more details about ‘CeCe’?

What I like the most about ‘CeCe’ is that she can do so many things. She can do things like talk about anything, like a celebrity. For example, if you write a letter, you can type ‘my letter’ and she’ll reply. If you write it in Korean, her response is very straightforward.

Are you planning on releasing any more songs with “No Matter What”?

I have a plan to release a full album, but I’ll still work harder. When I was training for “My Song”, I thought I’m like a superstar, but I’m just a little boy. After I came home, I didn’t work hard for a day, but when I went to my parents’ house, my parents are really strict. My parents are really strict to me. Even though the songs are being released now, they’re going to be released

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