Is Suga fastest rapper in the world? – How To Learn Rapping

November 21, 2020 0 Comments

– The answer is probably yes. That being the case, it’s amazing how he’s able to get so many hits in a month.

He’s had so many hits since the beginning of the year and so many people love him because of that. People can’t stop listening to him.

Is there any artist you want to follow? – If you were to ask me who I wanted to follow, I would want to be with one person.

When was it that you started rapping? – I started rapping from the age of 8!

What is your dream career goal? – I’m currently attending university, learning more things with the English language.

If you were not an idol from a certain country, where would you go to study? – Sweden!

Do you have any dream pop idol? – I don’t know the name of that pop idol, but I hope to be able to meet him one day!
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Do you have any dream country song? – I don’t have any good country stories, but I still like to learn something every now and then.

Who would you want as your idol? – If people ask me my idol, I’d probably say the person who gave me my nickname when I was a child.

What is your most cherished moment in your life on the outside? – When I was little, I wanted to visit my grandma’s house.

Can you still see the sky? – Yes!

What is your dream team? – When I came back in 2012, my team was my friends and family. I didn’t think it would be as long as it ended up being.

Who is your favorite idol and why? – I love Mnet (Mnet is a Chinese network, but they also have a US counterpart), so I hope to meet them soon.

Who is your favorite member of a boy band? – My only favorite is Minho who is in the group “F-nite Dream” because of his looks.

What are you planning on doing in 2013? – I’m going to be preparing as well as putting out new music!

How do you feel about your weight? – I’m not a big fan of being in a negative mood because I’m really shy. It’s the same with my body fat, but I get lazy and feel like complaining a lot.

Have you heard anyone praising how beautiful you are? – Yes. Some of the

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