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December 5, 2020 0 Comments

They’re bars that rhyme the same, but not exactly alike. There’s no real rhyme scheme, which is a good thing, because it forces you to learn the language. It’s also the hardest language to master. Like for example, what’s the 3rd stanza of Eminem’s verse if you don’t understand that it’s a verse about having a girl fuck her boyfriend. It’s not easy to find.

So we want to learn hip-hop like this. And to have fun doing it.

The Problem

Most of the time we can’t even use a song as a reference source. So we have to improvise or extrapolate. But all the more often than not we make mistakes. This is called “learning by example.” A problem is that you tend to learn things much faster the more examples you get. There are ways around this by making the songs as short as possible.

So that brings us to this:

The 4 bar formula

One of the simplest things you can do to build better relationships with a singer/rapper/rap artist is to let them create some of their own music. Here’s my example. Let’s say this person was a good rapper in high school/college. He knew how to make lyrics and how to rapping was a part of the hip-hop world. So let’s say that he wanted to sing and rap, and he wanted to get noticed/recognized as a rapper.

The only way he could do this is if he created an entire album as his own. Let’s start with “Rhyme a Fool.”

Rhyme a Fool

So what’s going on here. You have this rapping rapper. On a song named “Rhyme a Fool,” he raps a bunch of lines, some of which rhyme. Sometimes he even sings along with the words. That’s how rap works.

Here’s how to think of this in terms of songs:

(Repeat this loop back to back) You create your own album

(Repeat this loop back to back) You get noticed

Your song is your album

(Repeat this loop back to back) You get noticed again

You’re the star

This is a pattern, it’s a pattern of ideas. In the first verse, you have the same idea in your head. You just created the lyrics, so you know these are the rhymes. In the second

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