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I love that word. The other words are hard enough. But then the words I like best are a little easier to rhyme. That’s what I look for. In the last five years, if not more, every single song has a name at the end. It’s kind of a cool thing. I am used to being called “The Voice” in certain situations. I can deal with that a little better. I’m going to try not to do that. I am very excited. People talk about it all the time. It’s a great thing to be able to do that with all these people on board.

You just finished doing a performance of “I Gotta Feeling.” This is another one where you were called out. Was that your biggest moment?

In a way that’s all there is to that. Some people come to this show feeling like they’re going to make it work. I was there. I was just there. The crowd wasn’t in a very good mood. I think people were going, “What are these guys doing? This isn’t going to work.” The fact that people kept talking back to me made them feel better. That’s good.

What’s in the future for the group? Is Kano going to come out to play another song?

No, I can’t. I’ll probably end up playing a song with this other musician that has the last word in the song. I know they’re out there recording it and that is great. I wouldn’t say it’s the end of the road. They might just want someone else to play or they might want people to sing on it. I wouldn’t call it over. This band has been doing its thing for 13 years now, so we’re still here. When I wrote the lyrics for “I Gotta Feeling,” I was in a little bit of pain because of a really bad break-up and stuff. But now I’m looking forward to finishing up with it. I don’t have enough faith in him to do anything else. He’s very talented. He’s an absolute rock star. He does an amazing job. I love watching his videos. So whatever that is, he’s doing. That’s all I’m really worried about. I hope it works out.

So who else do you have singing in those videos?

I can’t make out who they would be.

Why not?

I’m not sure. I have these guys that I

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