What are the types of rhyme scheme? – How To Learn Rap God Slow Part Layla Lesson

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As you will probably be able to notice, there are no limits.

The only requirements for you to start using this new rhyme scheme are that you should remember to put ‘I’ between the end of the word ‘I’ and the start of the word ‘I’, and ‘U’ as a separate syllable as an exclamation point

That’s it!

You will be able to find out your rhyme scheme today!

This is a bit longer than you probably realized I’m having fun, I’m not gonna lie. That said, I would recommend reading Part 3 and 4 first, the chapters are pretty damn funny, but I felt the need to explain in some detail why.

Also, just to make it clear: Yes this was really well written, I really enjoyed the writing.

Chapter Text

“That wasn’t something I asked for.”

Ruby’s voice was rough and a little rough around the edges at times, though its content was mostly benign and friendly. Weiss was sitting on the couch, her head tilted slightly up with her hood drawn. Ruby’s face was drawn in a look that made it look like she was about to cry.

That was something she had done a dozen times during this semester.

There was a pause, the blonde’s shoulders sagging, tears stinging her eyes. “I… I think I’ve made it all the way with those two. It’s not like these other ones want to come with me anymore.”

Blake nodded. “And why isn’t the first thing you get to see?”

“I… I don’t know.” Ruby’s voice was so soft she could barely hear it.

“Well that’s alright, I’ve dealt with this for awhile, Ruby. Not all the time. But we can make something happen. Together.”

Ruby shook her head and gave Blake a small nod. “Can we? I really don’t want to go.”

“I’ll help,” Blake smiled.

“I… I do not.” The brunette shook her head again. “I am not going. I don’t want to get too emotional about this. But we can make something happen with the information we have. Just don’t think about the people who might not want to be involved.”

Blake sat up and hugged her partner, her hand coming up to curl into a tight, soft white fist. “I know.”

With a

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