What do bars mean in rap? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Night Trailer

September 1, 2020 0 Comments

Not too much. A black dude on his own, without his own money, will have to find his own friends to do business, who often get into a bar fight. A white guy? No problem. The more white people in the scene, the higher the bars will go. It gets a little crazy to see that these “black bars” you hear about, are actually the kind of place where most of these rappers would have to pay for their drinks with whatever they had around them. They are where most of the money comes from, and where most of the money going into their pockets goes. Even the black rappers who have been able to put together decent careers have usually made their money from this.

R.E.M. and Deja and Jane have both used rap as their main source of money. With all of these labels coming out of Compton, and with Hip Hop constantly exploding in popularity, there are more chances in life for rappers to make it. Most of them will get bigger as time goes on, and the amount of money they can make is just so much more than the amount of cash they could have been making before. It’s crazy to think about seeing a rapper in his mid twenties, playing around like him, getting paid in his early twenties, and then, after a few years in the business, being treated like an adult. He’s not a child anymore. You can tell just by looking at him with that huge beard on. And his mama look like she has that big red hair combed into a ponytail and that big gold hoop earrings sitting on her ear.
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But even before this, he’s a rapper, and is already a star. He’s got the makings of a hit single in his head, and just one more beat for his verse. There’s no way he could be making that amount of money that he is. And by the way, even though he is the top, he is no longer the best — just getting by in this industry. The one thing that we need to talk about, in the beginning, is the rap business in Southern California. Because even though these labels are coming out of Compton, they are really only in Southern California. When people first opened their doors, it was more like the suburbs of Southern California. It had the same quality of restaurants, gas stations, and a lot of them didn’t have any bars for you to use, and there was always someone who said, “Who wants to give us ten dollars for a

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