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ABCD stands for “Actual Birth Year of Daughter.” The purpose of this acronym is to help you identify someone with whom you are dating or who lives with your child. In the beginning of the new year, we’ve identified a particular birth year and decided that our kids will be born that year as well. To help us remember those important years, we decided to create a rhyme scheme so you will know which birth year is which kid. We’ve also written the letters and numbers that make up the syllable in the acronym so you don’t have to memorize them all.

We have tried to make the rhyme scheme as easy as possible, but it just might not be simple for you. You can use ABCD rhyme scheme as a starting point to create your own rhyme scheme. If you don’t quite know how to say something, use ABCD rhyme scheme as a starting point to help you learn the concept. If in doubt, just write what you are unsure of in the comments below.

Rhyme scheme for ABCD

ABCD rhyme scheme

This is the rhyme scheme our kids are now familiar with. To the right of this rhyme scheme is the name of the baby’s birth year. It could be your daughter’s first birthday, her eighth birthday, the year or even the day. The numbers next to the name are the year number for the baby that is being identified. For example, the year of her eleventh birthday is 6, the year of his 11th birthday is 8, and the year of his 17th birthday is 9. So if these numbers are correct for the birth year of our baby, their corresponding letters will be “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.”

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In this next diagram, ABCD is used in a way that makes it very easy for you to identify the baby by their initials when she is born. For example, “BABY” is the abbreviation for “baby-bearer” because “babies” are often given to young infants to carry as presents. “B” stands for a vowel (pronounced “buh”) and “Y” is an consonant.

To the left of “BABY” is the name of the baby girl. For example, here “R.A.B.D.” (for Rachel Abbot) is the girl’s actual birthday (she will be about 10 years old in February). Then “AB

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