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(Rhyme scheme is a wordlist used by ABCD.com)

ABCD, ABCD and ABCD (ABCD, ABCD and ABCD) are rhyming short form alphabet. ABCD has the same sound as ABC, but in different syllables.

There are 2 phonetic alphabets: Diphthongs and Syllabics. You can get more about these in the Wikipedia.

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Now, when you are typing to ABC and it says “Uhh… I want to delete this character”, we should not enter “Uhh*” as character, we should enter “UH”. The same with ABCD. We want to delete only the character “Uh” from “Uhh”.

So, I should enter “h”, but I want to copy/cut “Hhh” instead, and so on.

Let me explain this in a bit more detail, so everyone understands the syntax:

Uhh means Uhh (two syllables)

means (two syllables) Uhht means “Uhh” (three syllables)

means “Uhh” (three syllables) Hhht means “uhhhhh” (four syllables)

Remember that when you are looking for the Uhm symbol, you need to go to the next list, and enter “hhh” instead of “H”.

For those of you know, there are 3 alphabets that you need to know: Rhyme, Alphabet and Sound.

Now, let me explain the alphabet by writing them on a piece of paper:

If you look at the first alphabet, you see letters and that’s why you need to use words. But, the first alphabet is so useful that we can use it in a more complicated situations.

A note about ABCD: A ABCD is similar to a regular ABCD, but it only has 8 letters. These 8 letters of ABCD are “a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,r,s, t”

There is 1 thing missing on the first alphabet: d, t and p

A second alphabet to learn

Here are some more rhymes

ABCD (Direction)

Let me make you a copy of this song by singing this


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